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Grindhouse: Mad Max Then and Now

Critics have little love for horror, but after such rave reviews for It Follows and The Babadook recently, the genre isn't dead to them. They're looking for films that nudge genre--any genre--forward. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) accomplished this. Mad Max is considered a post-apocalyptic action franchise. I'm not going to reclaim it for horror, but on its genealogical tree, horror is definitely there, that great aunt everyone pretends is dead. Of course, then she would haunt you just to be spiteful, so invite her to your wedding already! Anyway, the original Mad Ma[...]


Announcing Our New Midnight Marauder!

The Midnight Marauder (formerly known as Midnight Matron) is a member of the Midnight Society team. He or she is someone that goes above and beyond to contribute to the Midnight Society, to our readers, and embraces the wonders of macabre like no other. Why did we change the name? According to the dictionary, a marauder is one who roves and raids in search of plunder. Suzy G. actually came up with the fantastic new name and I think it fits us perfectly. Each member certainly roves and explores the macabre and the depths of midnight. It's within those inky shado[...]


Creepy Cocktails and a Haunted Interview with Jonathan Maberry

Halloween is the best time to hold a huge bash. I mean the kids get their fun by dressing up and Trick-or-Treating, so why can't the adults have fun too? For those of you who are planning an ADULT Halloween party this year, we thought it would be fun to give you some zombie inspired cocktail ideas. And for those who are holding a horror book themed party, there's no better author to pair these with than Jonathan Maberry (click on links for recipe and website information).      Zombie Slime Shooters              [...]