a christmas carol


Reclaim Horror: A Christmas Carol

Last week I discussed why we should all write like Scrooge, and as I was writing that post I realized how far society has taken A Christmas Carol from its roots. I first read the story this year when I purchased a collection of Dickens' ghost stories. A ghost story, as you all know, is a sub-genre of supernatural fiction, often horror stories. Of course, not everything with a ghost is horror (another common genre is comedy, or in the case of Ghost, mystery and romance). Since then, it's been adapted and performed on stages worldwide, turned into animations for chi[...]


Write Like Scrooge

We all know of Scrooge from Dickens' ghost story, A Christmas Carol, but how many of you have actually read it? If nothing, you've heard it retold, but I want you to write like Scrooge, not a scrooge. A scrooge is stingy. He sits on piles of wealth, but exercises thrift in handing it out, even when he knows the dire circumstances of those around him. In the story, even Scrooge lives a modest life in spite of his wealth. He doesn't live like Scrooge McDuck. At all. Unlike the retellings, Scrooge has depth. There are clear reasons why he's afraid to invest in pe[...]