Writer Resources

Writing is hard. But it’s much easier with the right tools. Below is a list of our favorite tools, tricks, and publishing info.

Writing Tips

How do you coax creativity back when it dies? by Nick Cave

A Huge List of Common Themes in Fiction from Literary Devices


Where to Query Your YA Horror Novel

Where to Query Your Middle Grade Horror Novel


YouTube Channels

Agent Brain / Writer Brain – Youtube channel from novelist and literary agent John M Cusick

Lindsay Cummings – Channel of #1 NYT Best-selling author who has some good writing tips & tricks


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Podcasts By Midnight Society Members

SBW: Conversations with Creative People from Brian LeTendre

Secret Identity Podcast from Brian LeTendre

Co-Op Critics from Brian LeTendre

Thrash It Out from Brian LeTendre


Podcasts By Writers

The Creative Penn podcast

Literary Agent Interviews from author Claribel Ortega

88 Cups of Tea from Yin Chang


Podcasts by Agents

The Literaticast by literary agent Jennifer Laughran

Print Run by agents Laura Zats and Erik Hane



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