The Harpy 2 has been Released

Should we run? Hide? Gather weapons? No. We shall read. And possibly cringe a bit, but definitely fall in love with the characters and story. The Sequel is Here Charity Blake became a nightmare. But there are far more dangerous monsters out there than her. Train-wreck antihero Charity Blake thrives at being a winged avenger, but exacting vengeance takes as much from her as it gives. To retain the humanity she’s fought tooth and claw to keep, she tries to walk away from her monstrous side for good. With no sense of purpose and a lifetime of[...]


Krampus Takeover

This year more than others, it feels like Krampus is everywhere. On ornaments and sweaters and coffee mugs OH MY! And I can't say I'm upset. His horns, long tongue, and evil grin adorn the world with fear and delight. Let's celebrate Krampus! A Krampus Carol Last October this anthology from Burial Day hit the world. Edited by Cynthia Pelayo and Gerardo Pelayo, this book offers thirty-one stories and poems, one for each day of December. I've been reading one each day this month and live-tweeting my reactions on #AKrampusCarol. So far, each story offered[...]


Creation of “The Path”: A Krampus Story

Months and months ago, I don't remember exactly when, a call for tales inspired by Krampus for Burial Day Books' sixth volume of their Gothic Blue Book went out across this wide writerly world. Great glowing Christmas lights! I desperately wanted to write a Krampus story and, though I didn't think I stood a chance, submit it. I had to try. When faced with a submission call, one problem must be dealt with...the blank page, leaving the mind swirling with dark ideas and thoughts. So many. Too many. My mind latched onto one thing, the final scene of the mov[...]


The Midnight Society Presents A Krampus Trio

We are very proud & excited to announce three of our members - Kathleen, Victoria & Mary - have all placed a story in the latest edition of the Gothic Blue Book series from Burial Day Books. GOTHIC BLUE BOOK VI: A KRAMPUS CAROL A collection of short horror stories and poems resurrect the spirit of the Gothic Blue Book. Gothic Blue Books were short Gothic fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. Burial Day Books presents its sixth Gothic Blue Book, A Krampus Carol. A Krampus Carol is a celebration of folklore and myth around Christmas,[...]


The White Fox by Sara Faring is Almost Here!

The White Fox is almost here and it's full of lush secrets and surprises. I'm here today to share a sneak preview with you! “These woods can be treacherous. You never know which trees will curl their roots around your ankles, which foxes will prance right down a foxhole with you in tow.”  After their world-famous actor mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Manon and Thaïs left their remote Mediterranean island home—sent away by their pharma-tech tycoon father. Opposites in every way, the sisters drifted apart in their grief. Yet[...]


Witchy Goodness: Currently Reading The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

I love me some witches, and naturally they came up over the holiday break when I made a Christmas gift list for the witch in your life or when I talked about my failures of 2019. At a book conference in 2018, I received an ARC of it. The cover's deep blue with iridescent writing, the magical description—I was bewitched from the beginning. I was over the moon excited and I devoured it fast. It was my favorite book of 2018. It's still one of my favorites. Which is why I'm reading it again. Have you heard of it? The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw A New York T[...]