The Harpy 2 has been Released

Should we run? Hide? Gather weapons?


We shall read. And possibly cringe a bit, but definitely fall in love with the characters and story.

The Sequel is Here

Charity Blake became a nightmare. But there are far more dangerous monsters out there than her.

Train-wreck antihero Charity Blake thrives at being a winged avenger, but exacting vengeance takes as much from her as it gives. To retain the humanity she’s fought tooth and claw to keep, she tries to walk away from her monstrous side for good.

With no sense of purpose and a lifetime of failures haunting her, Charity struggles not to fall back into old, murderous habits. Until she meets a little girl who is more broken than herself. Rose presents a new direction for Charity. One where they can combine their carnal abilities to rewrite a horrendous history of wrongs that have impacted so many like themselves.

While Charity revels in the idea of following a new path, Rose drowns in her own power as she tries to piece together parts of her life her mind has buried deep. As Rose unearths hidden truths about her past, her catastrophic abilities spiral out of control, threatening everyone’s future. Overcome with debilitating grief and a world-altering rage, Rose becomes a danger beyond anyone’s control. A colossal threat that Charity must stop.

Oooooohhhh! I can’t wait to read The Harpy 2: Evolution and you better believe I’ll be posting about it here after I get my horror-loving peepers on the words. What has Charity been up to? How is she? Is Keegan still around? And who is Rose? What’s her story? You can bet all the blood in your veins that it will be a roller coaster ride of all the feels and drama…and possibly a bit of gore. Monsters like guts and destruction.

Go get a copy on Amazon!

The Original

But…wait…maybe you haven’t read the first one yet? DID YOU MISS THE HARPY? Well, let me introduce you.

Charity Blake survived a nightmare. Now she is the monster others dream about.

By day, punk-rock runaway Charity Blake struggles through a stream of dead-end jobs and the haunting memories of her past. But at night she is the Harpy, sprouting wings with black feathers, and claws made for tearing the flesh of her prey. 

Having survived a lifetime of abuse and torment from a sadistic man who broke her spirit, Charity’s physical manifestation of her grief and anger allows her to hunt down those like her abuser. Only this time, Charity isn’t a helpless little girl praying for things to end. Now she is the monster, and hell hath no fury like a harpy scorned.

Power always comes at a price though, and Charity’s inner predator craves to take over. Torn between a life with no feeling other than the sweet satisfaction at ripping evil apart or suffering through her days to stay with the two people she cares for most, Charity must choose between her human existence or the wild and feral freedom of a flying avenger.

If you missed my reaction to this book, I invite you to read my past post…Great Horror Book Alert: The Harpy. So many emotions. So many images that have stayed tucked in my dark heart. I treasure them. A tale of darkness, but also of hope. A story that grips you in its claws. And Keegan…a spot of glorious sunshine. *blows kiss to my favorite little birdie*

You can find it on Amazon. And until Tuesday the 19th…IT’S FREE!

The Author

Of course, let me mention the author…the great, slightly-twisted (but that’s how we like our people) Julie Hutchings. She’s a fierce firecracker of a dork. A book fair runner extraordinaire. A strong protector of a mom. And a writer of so many words, go check out her author page on Amazon. Find her on Twitter @HutchingsJulie and on her blog.

The Giveaway

Julie is giving away a copy of The Harpy audiobook and three e-books of The Harpy 2: Evolution! And The Midnight Society is doing it. So keep your eyes open, friends on Twitter #horror #TheHarpy #TheHarpy2 #Giveaway #ebook #audiobook.

You know you want one.

Cheers and nightmares,


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