Julie Hutchings


The Harpy 2 has been Released

Should we run? Hide? Gather weapons? No. We shall read. And possibly cringe a bit, but definitely fall in love with the characters and story. The Sequel is Here Charity Blake became a nightmare. But there are far more dangerous monsters out there than her. Train-wreck antihero Charity Blake thrives at being a winged avenger, but exacting vengeance takes as much from her as it gives. To retain the humanity she’s fought tooth and claw to keep, she tries to walk away from her monstrous side for good. With no sense of purpose and a lifetime of[...]


Great Horror Book Alert: The Harpy

When you find a great horror book, you share the news. So, I'd like to draw your attention to The Harpy by Julie Hutchings.     The blurb from Amazon: Charity Blake survived a nightmare. Now she is one. Punk-rock runaway Charity Blake becomes a Harpy at night—a treacherous mythical monster who preys upon men just like the ones who abused her. Struggling through an endless stream of crappy coffee shop jobs, revolted stares, and self-isolation during the day, Charity longs to turn into the beast at night. Doing the right thing in all the wrong way[...]