Great Horror Book Alert: The Harpy

When you find a great horror book, you share the news. So, I’d like to draw your attention to The Harpy by Julie Hutchings.



The blurb from Amazon:

Charity Blake survived a nightmare.
Now she is one.

Punk-rock runaway Charity Blake becomes a Harpy at night—a treacherous mythical monster who preys upon men just like the ones who abused her. Struggling through an endless stream of crappy coffee shop jobs, revolted stares, and self-isolation during the day, Charity longs to turn into the beast at night. Doing the right thing in all the wrong ways suits her.

But a Harpy’s life belongs in Hell—the gruesome Wood of Suicides, where the Harpy queen offers Charity just what she’s looking for: a home where she can reign supreme and leave behind the agony of her past. The choice to stay in Hell would be easy, were it not for a rock-and-roll neighbor who loves her for the woman she is—even when he discovers the creature she becomes—and unexpected new friends with their own deranged pasts and desires who see Charity as their savior. But salvation isn’t in the cards for Charity. Not when her friends see through her vicious attitude and fall in love with her power as the Harpy.

Struggling between the life of an injured outcast and the grizzly champion of a blood-red hellscape, Charity must thwart her friends’ craving for her power enough to fear her corruption—and determine once and for all where her salvation lies: in eternal revenge or mortal love.


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Sound good?


Raw, real, and powerful, The Harpy will leave your emotions in a frazzled state, like having just fought a gaggle of zombies with a toothpick. The writing is gorgeous. The characters are a mess of realness, bad and good with a dash of doing the best they can. The story threatens to strangle you with choices, with twists and turns.

I didn’t know what Charity would choose, and I didn’t know what I wanted her to choose.

Pain is real. Hurt doesn’t go away no matter how deep it’s buried. Living with trauma, with a past full of evil, leaves one balanced on the edge of darkness. To continue with the anguish, hoping to find love, to heal. Or let all feelings go, live carefree and powerful, but as a monster.

The images in the book will stay with me forever. The Wood of Suicides just one of the fantastic, horrific places that draped across my thoughts and made a lasting impression.

Warning: It’s gory, kids. Be prepared.

Good horror does more than show us blood and guts, than show us a demon in the basement, than show us a killer with wings. Good horror delves into the world of pain, of giving us a possibility of hopelessness. The Harpy is delightfully horrible.

And long live Keegan, my little spot of sunshine!

Cheers and nightmares!



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  • Julie Hutchings, Pretty Scary Author
    January 18, 2019

    I CAN’T BE HAPPIER. Thank you, Kathy. I’m so glad this book touched you.


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    January 12, 2021

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