New Horror Release


The Harpy 2 has been Released

Should we run? Hide? Gather weapons? No. We shall read. And possibly cringe a bit, but definitely fall in love with the characters and story. The Sequel is Here Charity Blake became a nightmare. But there are far more dangerous monsters out there than her. Train-wreck antihero Charity Blake thrives at being a winged avenger, but exacting vengeance takes as much from her as it gives. To retain the humanity she’s fought tooth and claw to keep, she tries to walk away from her monstrous side for good. With no sense of purpose and a lifetime of[...]


Let the Fun Begin…Sleeping Beauties

I have dipped my toe into the new book Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.   If you didn't know, some of our Midnighters are reading the newest Stephen King release for our celebration of #FrighteningFall. Go read the initial post here. Stephen King...It's easier to list the books I haven't read than have. I have shelves in my bookcase dedicated to his work. I belong to the Stephen King library and get all his new books shipped to my house. I mean...why wouldn't you? He is one of the people I would love to meet, though I'm sure I would freak out[...]


Join us this October for #SocietyScreams!

Nobody does Halloween like The Midnight Society. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Most of us, myself included, spend all year waiting for it to be October again. It's our time. If you've followed us for long, you know that we turn it up every October. Lots of great blog posts, themed weeks, tons of fun on twitter! You won't want to miss any of it. Here's an idea of what you have to look forward to:   Keep up with us on twitter and use the hashtag, #SocietyScreams! Yes, you are seeing that calendar right! We'll be posting about October history,[...]


Interview: Jolene Haley and Brian LeTendre

Hello, Darlings!!   I am SO thrilled to have our very own Horror Twins, Brian LeTendre and Jolene Haley, on the blog today! They graciously let me feast on their brains about their books, both past and upcoming. So I'll stop boring you and just hop right in!   How did you two start writing together in the first place? Brian: I was lucky enough to participate in a few of the Pen & Muse writing showcases (Dark Carnival and Haunt), and I was a big fan of Jolene's because she's such a positive force in the writing community. I asked her to be a gu[...]


#HorrorTwins Cover Reveal! Are You Ready for #OrchardPointe?

You know what I love? Creepy towns with secrets. Amusement parks have always felt ominous to me. Crowds of people happily running around, blind to what's going on around them in their joy. The rides are running--death traps if I've ever seen one--carnival food consumed by the bucketful, made by people peering out at the cheery park goers who don't know anyone in that town or have any reason to care about what happens when your food is made. It's hot, the day is coming to a close, there's a magic in the air that could be great, or could be.... something....else. A[...]


Writing Bloody- BLOOD AND SALT

  There isn't anything better to talk about this week other than a certain horror book that comes out TODAY! And I'm so excited to be heading to NYC on Wednesday for the signing. To add to this excitement...I get to meet another Midnighter IRL--Kim Graff! Blood and Salt by Kim Liggett has been on my TBR list for what feels like forever. I mean, the first line makes this book a must read: Romeo and Juliet meets Children of the Corn in this one-of-a-kind romantic horror. Hells to the yes people!! I'll definitely post pics and thoughts from the signing,[...]