Let the Fun Begin…Sleeping Beauties

I have dipped my toe into the new book Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.


Cover of the 2017 book Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King

If you didn’t know, some of our Midnighters are reading the newest Stephen King release for our celebration of #FrighteningFall. Go read the initial post here.

Stephen King…It’s easier to list the books I haven’t read than have. I have shelves in my bookcase dedicated to his work. I belong to the Stephen King library and get all his new books shipped to my house. I mean…why wouldn’t you? He is one of the people I would love to meet, though I’m sure I would freak out and forget how to speak.

I love his stories and his characters. So I opened this book with hope…hope of weird, of creepy, of watching characters struggle and crack before rising up. I guess I’ll find out!

So, it doesn’t seem like much, but I am on page 54 out of the 700 page monster. Yes, 700. I just started chapter 3. What can I say…I need more reading time.

But I’m far enough in to have initial thoughts about Sleeping Beauties. I have met Jeanette, Clint, Lila, Tiffany, Frank, Terry, Magda, Essie…and let’s not forget Evie. So many characters, there’s a list of who’s who at the front of the book, just in case you need help keeping everyone straight. *cough*ME*cough* All different. Each having their own special viewpoint to the story. Each having their own struggles and goals. All real people.

The main driving voices so far have been Clint and Lila. I already like them.

Then there’s Evie…now she’s interesting. I love when her POV shows up. I can’t wait to see what this girl is up to. SOMETHING WEIRD.

The big problem/question/conflict has reared its head…bared its fangs. I am intrigued. Like I said. I NEED MORE READING TIME.

I’m at the very beginning. I can see the darkness ahead, where the path disappears into the unknown. I can sense the creepy to come. I am teetering at the edge, soon I will wade in until the muck is up around my knees and I am pulled down into the depths of questions and choices and emotion. What a great place to be.

Reading Sleeping Beauties with us? YEA YEA YEA! Share your thoughts and comments on Twitter with #MidnightBookClub and #FrighteningFall. I will be tweeting as I read. No spoilers! Just teasers.

Join us this #FrighteningFall for all sorts of fun.

Stay tuned to the hashtag for announcements! Live-tweets of the Halloween movies will be scheduled, the perfect movies for this time of year.

Read a book with us. Watch a movie with us.

It’s October. Eat, drink, and be scary.

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