An Interview Without a Vampire

As our newest member of The Midnight Society could not be located for an interview on this, the day of her birth, I took the liberty of conducting it without her.

Victoria Nations' awesome face

Victoria Nations’ awesome face

The Davis Girl (TDG): Are you ready to be interviewed, Victoria Nations?

Victoria Nations (VN): Yes! This is very exciting! Such an honor to be interviewed by THE The Davis Girl! Rumors of your interviewing prowess are not exaggerated!

TDG: Very true. Hello Midnight Society Readers. I am joined today via imagicaffeine by Victoria Nations. Victoria, welcome. 

VN: Thank you The Davis Girl!

TDG: I understand today is your birthday.

VN: Yes! That is correct!

TDG: Are you really a biologist?

VN: Yes, I am. I also eat oranges and live in a swamp or something and I’ve recently discovered a cure for–

TDG: Do you get to wear a coat?

VN: Excuse me?

TDG: Do you get to wear one of those long white coats with all the pockets?

VN: I mean–

TDG: What snacks do you have in them? Gummy worms? Dire patch grub? Chocolate biscuits?

VN: I don’t usually have food in m–

TDG: Ha! Half a pop-tart! I wondered where that wen–

VN: Did you have a question for me?

TDG: Yes. What’s with the leaves and cobwebs thing?

VN: Well, I really like cobwebs and I guess I like leaving things. Just learn more about me here https://leavesandcobwebs.com/ and follow me on twitter @Leaves_Cobwebs .

TDG: Well, now I’m hungry.

VN: Here, take this year supply of pop-tarts that change flavor depending on your particular tastes. And here’s a bajillion dollars. Just because. And a unicorn name Frederick.

TDG: Delightful. Don’t mind if I do. We’re done here.

Dear Victoria Nations,

You put the creep in creeptastic and I am so glad you’ve allowed us slither our way into your life. You’ve been a champion of TMS since before I can remember and that thaws my heart. So, here, from my brains to your plate, is The Thing That Reminds Me of You.


The Davis Girl

Welcome to our newest member! And…


This calls for cake.


I have arranged for a fuzzy friend to visit you later.


Have the creepiest day ever. Everyone is screaming about your special day.

Best horror wishes,


Happy Birthday, Victoria!

In honor of this wonderful day, I bring you a couple of gifts to share with the whole family:

A nice game of D&D

And a story you can all read around the campfire!

Have a great birthday!




We became fast friends in the Camp NaNo cabin over our love of all things goth…

Now that you’re a Midnighter, we totally need to have a dance-off!

Here’s hoping your birthday is filled with witchy tunes, stripey socks and ALL THE COOL, DARK THINGS!

Love & stardust…



Happy birthday lovely lady. You are so kind and wonderful, creative and hilarious, thoughtful and brilliant. I’m so thankful you were born and even happier to call you friend!

We can’t wait to sacrifice you…I mean, celebrate you. Don’t forget to come to the Midnight Society mansion tonight and don’t tell anyone where you’re going…

Happy birthday! You know I love my spirits so here’s one for you!

The Roast and Toast – A Bourbon and Coffee Cocktail

Found here.


· 2 oz cold coffee

· 1.5 oz Bourbon

· .25 oz orange juice

· 1.25 oz Amaro

· 0.5 oz Brulee Liqueur

· 1 Marshmallow (Boozy Peppermint Mocha preferred)


1. Brew a pot of dark roast coffee and allow to cool.

2. Add bourbon, coffee, orange juice, amaro and brulee to a shaker.

3. Add ice to the shaker.

4. Shake and strain into a large rocks glass.

5. Skewer the marshmallow on a bamboo spear or a cocktail pick.

6. When ready to serve, light the marshmallow on fire with a culinary torch.

7. Before drinking, blow the fire out, and take a bite of the marshmallow along with a sip of your cocktail.

8. Cheers!

Hopefully we can also snack on these Cobweb Nacho Bites I found on Pinterest. Cheers!

Love Jolene


Happy birthday Victoria!!!!

So glad you’ve joined us–Pennywise is too!





  • Krystal Jane
    October 5, 2017

    But wait…what did she discover a cure for? I’ll just go wait by that totally normally looking tree over there.

    • Erica Davis
      Krystal Jane
      October 5, 2017

      Never you mind Krystal Jane. Just enjoy that tree. Take a look at the hollowed out panel near the roots.

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