Book Alert: Holding Smoke by Elle Cosimano (from Disney Hyperion)

Sometimes you hear a book name and it catches your attention. When I was flipping through a book listing for Disney Hyperion, I saw Holding Smoke. It's listed as a young adult mystery / thriller, which of course, when I saw that I knew I had to dive deeper. After I read the blurb, I immediately ordered a copy. Have you heard of Holding Smoke by Elle Cosimano? School Library Connection calls it "Part ghost story, part redemption story, part mystery, and very engaging." I call it HURRY UP AMAZON I NEED THIS NOW.   HOLDING SMOKE by Elle Cosimano John "Smoke[...]


Book Alert: City of Saints & Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson

Usually I try to let you know when I hear about or see an amazing new book. Today I heard about one coming out soon that I can't stop thinking about, so naturally I wanted to share it with you here. It's a murder mystery that I've read described as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Gone Girl OR Ocean’s Eleven meets Blood Diamond. It's written by Natalie C. Anderson. You can check out her Goodreads profile here.   Reader, meet the City of Saints & Thieves!   ABOUT CITY OF SAINTS & THIEVES The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets [...]


Let the Fun Begin…Sleeping Beauties

I have dipped my toe into the new book Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.   If you didn't know, some of our Midnighters are reading the newest Stephen King release for our celebration of #FrighteningFall. Go read the initial post here. Stephen King...It's easier to list the books I haven't read than have. I have shelves in my bookcase dedicated to his work. I belong to the Stephen King library and get all his new books shipped to my house. I mean...why wouldn't you? He is one of the people I would love to meet, though I'm sure I would freak out[...]


The Killer in Me

I have always had a deep fascination with serial killers. So let me stop you right now and tell you that if you have any book recommendations for me based off this information, to go straight to the comments and tell me what to read. I devour anything involving them, mainly non-fiction, but that’s because there used to not be a ton of serial killer books in the young adult category. In fact, we've talked about serial killers on this blog too, one of my favorites being the post on the true story of HH Holmes and the Murder Castle (which is terrible and awful and[...]


The May Queen Murders Exclusive Content + Interview

I'm beyond excited to have one of my favorite new authors on the blog today, Sarah Jude. When I first heard of her book, The May Queen Murders, I flipped out. It sounded amazing. Something that I didn't know I was waiting to read. And then I saw the cover and it was perfect. Let me share more... The May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude easily fits into the overlapping worlds of horror, suspense and romance. More freaky than gore, it’s not the usual fright-fest and instead pulls from Ozark lore that builds in tension as the secrets of traditions are unearthed. Sat[...]