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The Harpy 2 has been Released

Should we run? Hide? Gather weapons? No. We shall read. And possibly cringe a bit, but definitely fall in love with the characters and story. The Sequel is Here Charity Blake became a nightmare. But there are far more dangerous monsters out there than her. Train-wreck antihero Charity Blake thrives at being a winged avenger, but exacting vengeance takes as much from her as it gives. To retain the humanity she’s fought tooth and claw to keep, she tries to walk away from her monstrous side for good. With no sense of purpose and a lifetime of[...]


Creation of “The Path”: A Krampus Story

Months and months ago, I don't remember exactly when, a call for tales inspired by Krampus for Burial Day Books' sixth volume of their Gothic Blue Book went out across this wide writerly world. Great glowing Christmas lights! I desperately wanted to write a Krampus story and, though I didn't think I stood a chance, submit it. I had to try. When faced with a submission call, one problem must be dealt with...the blank page, leaving the mind swirling with dark ideas and thoughts. So many. Too many. My mind latched onto one thing, the final scene of the mov[...]