a quiet place


Let’s Talk Horror Movies: A Quiet Place and Happy Death Day

Hey there, fans of all the horror movies. Let's talk about a couple I watched recently...yes, two movies for the price of one post. First, I decided to go see A Quiet Place in the theaters. My esteemed colleague Brian posted his thoughts on this movie, so go read it here, he is absolutely right. The silence in this movie is breathtaking. The crinkle of my M&M bag made me cringe. When someone sneezed in the theater, I almost cried out "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE NOW THANKS!". But I didn't. I'm not a movie-ruiner. Seriously, I was too busy sitting on the edge o[...]


Silence is the Star of A QUIET PLACE

My favorite thing about seeing A Quiet Place in the theater was watching--or rather, hearing--the effect it had on the audience. It's rare that a movie truly makes an audience hold its collective breath, but this one does so frequently. It kind of tricks the audience into believing that they are in some way also responsible for the fate of the characters, and any random noise they make could attract the horrific monsters that populate the world of the film. This spell A Quiet Place casts upon the audience wouldn't be possible without the superb sound design of[...]