Anna Dressed in Blood


The Vengeful Spirits of Japan

We horror writers are made of sturdier stock than most, right? We can handle a good scare without much psychological scarring. I think? Maybe? This is the lie I usually tell myself as I pop in another horror movie: "I can handle it." Telling myself that "I could handle it," I sat down for the first time to watch a series of Japanese horror films that basically destroyed my sleeping patterns for a the few following months. I bought a nightlight. I developed a habit of dashing from the bathroom, which is three feet away from my bedroom, once I'd shut off the ligh[...]


YA Horror Novels: Part One

If there's one thing most people can agree on about YA & NA literature, is that horror is not a largely represented category. So I wanted to make the first of many lists showing young adult and new adult horror. There are actually several awesome lists of YA horror on Goodreads, and you can find them here: Popular YA Horror, Scariest YA Book, and Young Adult Horror. Today I will focus on young adult horror literature and then next time, we'll look at some new adult horror. Behold the list in all it's horrific glory! Young Adult Horror Anna Dressed in Blood[...]