Infographic: Why are we afraid of the dark

Confession time, because I find myself in a horrific situation and it just keeps on going: I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME. About a month and a half back I decided to switch providers because I wanted more bandwidth for less money, and the transfer process in in its second week with no respite in sight. Let me tell you something, Midnighters -- where I live its as cold as a witch's ***** and I ain't shuffling off to the library to make use of the free wifi which I need to research my next article (which, by the way, was a fun little exploration of the Bell Witch Haun[...]


Find New Haunting Reads

Hey there, boos and ghouls. I had a fantastic small town horror story I was planning on sharing with you today but here's the deal: it's not ready yet. My spidey senses haven't yet ferretted out all the details. These local hauntings can be tightly guarded, you know. So, until I can pry open some more tight lips, I thought I'd share a wonderful resource for finding new haunting reads... Goodreads.com! How many of you have bumped around on the Goodreads site? If you don't have an account, I urge you to get one NOW. It's supereasy. You can even sign up with your[...]


You’re Not Afraid of the Dark.

All those silent, watchful things that we grew up with from the time we were children — the stories shared around campfires, at sleepovers,  secrets handed down from older siblings — we grew out of believing they were true, right? There’s nothing behind the cracked door of your closet, open two inches too far to show anything beyond the slat of pitch. There’s nothing under the bed that might reach for your ankles if you slipped from the covers to place your heels on cold floor. And certainly, there’s nothing waiting in your peripheral vision in a darke[...]