Short Horror Films

Short on time? Day job grinding you down? Trying to find two minutes to take a pee break? I know the feeling. Crazy work weeks make for very little time to dose myself with the dark stuff. Some of my favorite things when life gets hectic are short, compacted horror stories and films. Six words stories? Cool. I'm down. Short films that are under twenty minutes to watch? Even better. I've collected a few recent finds to share with you today, and yes, I'm keeping my blather brief. Short Horror Films The Smiling Man You might've seen the other Smiling Man video in c[...]


If it’s in a word, or in a look, you can’t get rid of the Babadook

The older I get, the more I come to realize that the best of my childhood fears offer markers for what I consider entertainment. I'm a monster girl at heart. Fangs, fur, claws, tentacles. I treasure the thing that lives in my closet. The thing that lives under my bed. They have special places in my heart, and often, they need to be fed to be kept happy. When the trailer for The Babadook's Sundance debut began circulating a few months ago, I clamped both hands to my desk, cranked the volume up, and tittered my way through the pounding in my ears. Maybe it's just m[...]