final girl


Us and the Family Ties that Bind

I keep seeing their faces. Their eyes. Madness radiated from them. The damaged woman. The mother. The final girl. Her face was full of angry, terrifying joy. Her face was twisted by secrets. It's been a couple days since I saw Us, Jordan Peele's latest horror film, and I'm not sure which woman is haunting me more. Us is a story of families, of community, and class. It's also the story of two women and how dangerous they became when cornered, how they defended the life they'd created. Adelaide fights for her family. She clings to them, unwilling to give them[...]


Til Death Do Us Part–My Favorite Final Couples

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and all week we've been celebrating romance in horror here on the site. I'll be continuing that trend today with a look at three of my favorite final couples. These are the couple that weathered the proverbial storm, survived the horror, maybe even defeated the ultimate evil. However they got there, at the end of the day they were still standing, and I like to think their love was stronger for it. So without further ado, here are three of my favorite final couples.   Nick and Elizabeth--The Fog (1980) The Fog features two of[...]


The Horror Movie Survival Guide for the Discerning Final Girl

While I hope that common sense will prevail should you find yourself in a particularly harrowing situation this summer, I think we might want to take two seconds to revisit The Rules. I offer this happy little reminder in the event that you should find yourself in a derelict cabin somewhere for a "fun" weekend, getting irregular phone calls from inside your house while babysitting, or your car dies on some remote part of the interstate and your only recourse is to make a phone call from that creepy gas station around the bend. The "Final Girl" is a horror movie t[...]