friday the 13th


Slashers: Before Then, Then, and Now

This week's theme is slashers, so you'll read a tributes to our favorite villains and learn what makes a good slasher movie. As the first writer of the week, I decided to take the long view. What are the slasher's origins? What typified the slasher's heyday? How have filmmakers varied on the slasher theme since its inception? Let's take a look at slashers from before then to then to now. Before Then: The Slasher's Origins Slasher plots originated in the mystery genre as films where people were killed one by one until the killer was found. The Terror (1928): Gu[...]


Horror Clothes – They Are Killer

My fabulous friend Ezekiel shared the BEST website with me today. Have you ever said, “I wish I could feel the warm embrace of Jason Voorhees.” How about, “I desperately want to wrap Halloween around my neck.” What about, "If I looked like Freddy Krueger, I'd get all the girls." Well, your life is about to change! Especially if you're one of those on-it people who do all of their holiday shopping before October and you've got a horror lover on the list. It appears that MondoTees.com has anticipated this and already has the COOLEST clothing and a[...]