Happy 4th Birthday to The Midnight Society! + Giveaway

Today, the Midnight Society is four years old. I can hardly believe it. This started as a passion project secret society for people who are enamored with oddities and treasures, screams and scares, and an attraction to wonderfully dark things. Our vision was to create a place for creepy photos, real life ghost stories, cemetery visits, horror books, and anything we found lurking in the darkness.   You can see our first post ever here that introduced the Winchester mansion, on St. Patrick's day in 2014. I thought we'd celebrate in a few ways today. One[...]


What are you afraid of?

When I was growing up, the main question on the playground was "What are you afraid of?"  I was afraid of the usual things; the dark, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, etc. My friends were afraid of spiders and snakes. I remember thinking that they obviously didn't know what a zombie gnawing on a torn limb looked like, otherwise that'd be on their lists too.   I also thought that as I grew up, my list of fears would slowly but surely shrink. Instead, it grew. The thing about fear is that it's unlike any other emotion out there. It doesn't just go away. It g[...]


Courtney Alameda Interview! Giveaway! Short story!

Wow,  we have two amazing interviews coming up. Today, we have Courtney Alameda, author of the amazing Shutter, and on the 10th, we'll have the fab Mackenzi Lee, of the soon-to-release This Monstrous Thing! Between the two of them, we're covering the great old ones of horror from Frankenstein to Dracula.  Courtney Alameda is back with Trigger, a short story in the Shutter-verse, which you can find at Tor.com (the story will go live at 9 AM EST). Courtney's debut blew my mind into all sorts of pieces, large and small, and she was kind enough to answer a hai[...]