Digging Deep For Grave Inspiration

As a writer, many of my stories start from a tiny little seed of an idea planted in my brain. Imagine these little tidbits, coming from various places, fermenting and growing in the depths of my brain until they start to germinate and sprout into something creepy. That's how my story, Flowers for the Dead, came to be. HOW IT STARTED One of my favorite things to include in my stories? Superstitions. Folk Lore. Strange and arcane beliefs that inspire people to do some curious things. Some of these ideas seem not so strange. But others? They make you wonder ho[...]


Great Graveyard Scenes: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

I LOVE the Friday the 13th Series. It's my favorite horror franchise of all time, and I adore each and every entry into the series (except that 2009 reboot--holy crap that sucked). Friday the 13th is a HUGE influence on The Woodsview Murders series Jolene and I write together (look for those Easter eggs!), as well as my solo horror stories. If I could only watch one horror franchise for the rest of my days, it would be this one. So, since our theme for March here at the Midnight Society is graveyards, I decided to revisit one of my favorite scenes from the Frid[...]


Granary Burial Ground, Boston

Hello from Boston! I've been in the city for the past week attending a design conference, but the place is so beautiful and there are so many adorable little puritan cemeteries I just had to bring some  beautiful taphology home for you. The focus of today's post is Old Granary Burial Ground. Third oldest cemetery in Boston, it was founded in 1660, and holds 2,345 marked graves. Despite the small number, it's assumed that nearly 5,000 souls were laid to rest here, among them three signers of the Declaration of Independence (Sam Adams, John Hancock, Robert Tre[...]