Haunted House


Horror House: The Whaley House

There are four things in the world that I love: dogs, iced coffee, scary stories, and haunted houses. Since March is our haunted houses month, I thought it would be fun to highlight a real haunted house in my neck of the woods of Southern California. Meet The Whaley House The Whaley House was built in 1857 by a man named Thomas Whaley. It is located at 2476 San Diego Avenue, in old town San Diego. Its architecture is mid-nineteenth century Greek Revival and has been a museum since the 60’s. This two-story house and store was the first two-story brick edifi[...]


The Horror House of Dr. Who

This month we are celebrating horror houses, and since it's also my day to show you how my favorite science fiction show crosses into horror, I've combined the two. I give you one of my favorite Dr. Who episodes, written by Neil Cross, airing in April of 2013...   Setting...1974, Caliburn House, a huge, creepy mansion at night during a thunderstorm. Our cast... Professor Alec Palmer, ghost hunter. Emma Grayling, psychic. Clara Oswald, a hesitant explorer, constantly turning to find nothing behind her. The Doctor, who thought finding a ghost[...]


Horror in the News

Haunted houses aren't real. Ghosts and demons are things movie producers have created as a setting for the scariest movie plots. Right? Wrong! In a quiet suburb of Hanover York County, Pennsylvania, sits a pretty little house. The difference between this one and its neighbors is this one is haunted. If you don't believe in things such as this...check out the video posted by FOX News.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRBTFdMuT7w How'd you like to live here? Would anyone stay in a house that is this violent? Me--I think I'd find a way to get the hell out[...]


Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, the state in which I call home, is known for its fall foliage and historic sites. Little do you know that it's also home to numerous haunted places. Over the next few months, I'm going to take you on a haunted tour of Pennsylvania. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Pennhurst State School and Hospital Originally knows as the Eastern Pennsylvania Institution for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic, Pennhurst was originally built to segregate and sterilize those with disabilities. Located in Spring City Pennsylvania, the doors first opened in 1908 to its first[...]