horror house


The Horror House That is My Body

As Halfoween approaches, I'm thinking about the menu for my Halfoween Party and what I might do besides calling it "Potluck". I was looking up recipes, testing some things out... And then the horror house that is my body thought it would be great to give me an allergic reaction to-- --NO. Can't. I'm not ready for this. It's too hurtful to even type. Betrayed by my own flesh. If my hunch is correct--this is how my world ends. Mourn with me, dear Reader:  


How to Make YOUR House a Horror House

This month we're talking horror houses here at Midnight Society (as you've probably already noticed...). Personally, I've always wanted to live in a house of horrors. My ultimate goal is to someday live in a haunted castle in Scotland even. But if you're like me and currently can't purchase that expensive, yet gorgeous, haunted castle (or home) then here are a few tips for summoning the undead to turn your current home into a horror house. The Come Here Ritual I'm taking these fun and freaky rituals from Saya Underworld, which means I cannot directly copy a[...]


Monster House

HAPPY March! Since it's the first day of a new month, I get the disctinct honor of being the first to post on our new theme...horror houses! Now, I do have a pretty good memory of one particular scary house from my childhood, but I'm saving that one for later on. Today, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite scary kid movies. Sony created an animated horror where the main character is a haunted house, which scared my kids when they first watched. I will admit that I LOVED watching their reaction, too!     My favorite line? "If something[...]