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#Horror TV: Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block

If you haven't heard of Channel Zero on SYFY channel, you should go check it out. The first season, Candle Cove, was creepy fun as a childhood terror refused to be forgotten, as a lost brother was found. The second season, No-End House, dove into the pain of the past, of how...just maybe...we'd rather live without it. The third season, Channel Zero: Butcher's Block has just finished, the final episode played last night. I haven't watched it yet...but I will, then return to share my thoughts. SyFy channel describes their show as... BUTCHER’S BLOCK, the third[...]


Horror Coming Soon to a TV Near You

I LOVE TV, especially horror on TV. I always have. Every fall brings new seasons of shows I love, but also NEW SHOWS! Oh, the possibilities! Sure they could suck. Sure they could get canceled even though I love them. Sure ALL THE THE WAYS WE COULD BE DISAPPOINTED... But. BUT. They could be awesome. These shiny new shows could stick around forever and keep our horror-loving little hearts all full of sparkly darkness and blood pumping creepiness. Four brand spankin' scary (hopefully!) new shows caught my attention. The SyFy channel brings three of the four.[...]


My Obsession with Ghosts

Viewer discretion is advised... Every episode begins this way. And I watch - my guilty pleasure. Real people tell their paranormal stories, ghostly encounters, possessions, and fights with demons all with the help of Hollywood effects to bring the tales to life. It began in 2005 with the TV show 'A Haunting', which played on the Discovery Channel until 2007. This show gave us the episode 'A Haunting in Connecticut', which was later made into a movie. I watched every episode, more than once. I was sad when it vanished. However, it was revived on Destination[...]


The Monsters of Dr. Who… Autons

It's Dr. Who day! For all of us who know that the fabulous BBC show is more than science fiction. Horror lurks in the timey-wimey stuff. And today, scary comes in the form of everyday things. The Autons first appeared in the episode "Spearhead from Space" in 1970, meeting the Third Doctor played by Jon Pertwee. Classified as robots, they serve the Nestene Consciouness, an alien entity bent on conquering the Earth. The Autons are anything plastic, given life by Nestene energy. Imagine walking down a street when the mannequins in a store window suddenly move,[...]