Mansions of Madness: Clue for Grown-Ups

  March's theme is horror houses and I finally get to talk about my all time favorite board game. The one, the only Mansions of Madness. The set-up is you play as one of the investigators from the Arkham Horror universe or as the Keeper, who controls the eldritch forces trying to stop you. You'll explore mysterious locations from mad scientist labs to mysterious, foreboding... um, mansions as you rush to solve mysteries of cosmic proportions. As the player, you move from room to room, exploring, finding items, falling into traps, and uncovering clue[...]


The Consuming Shadow: An Eldritch Abomination Ate My Silhouette

This week's theme is supposed to be ghosts but since I already talked about the only game with ghosts I could think of, so I'll review a game so hard that it makes the player a ghost of themselves. Whatever. We're rolling with it. Back in 2010, the year you'll be posting about on Facebook with a picture of a USB drive and the caption of "dur, thunk kidz theze dayz kow what dis is?" as you slowly realize with growing horror that yes, you really are as boring and banal as your kids think you are, I discovered internet critic/comedian Yahtzee Croshaw, and to my[...]