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Tribeca Film Festival: How to Celebrate Halfoween Right

What up, loves. Yes, this post is a wee bit on the late side today, my apologies. I forgot to hit "post" instead of "save" and whatnot. BUT, as you probably already know if you follow the blog, it is HALFOWEEN! We are halfway to our holy holiday. How are you celebrating Halfoween? Me? I'm going to Tribeca Film Festival next weekend, with tickets to the horror movies. Because, well, it's me. And I live in New York, and I figured I should probably go to that 'cause I live here and all, and what other movies would I see but horror movies? Let's breakdown t[...]


The Strain

This weekend, my Direct TV box went dark. Very, very dark. Although I can watch everything I've recorded, I can't watch regular TV or record any of my shows. Which totally sucks. I've missed THE WALKING DEAD and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, just to name a few. In preparation for returning this box and in order to get it replaced with a new one, I've been binge watching what I have already saved. Some shows I deleted. I can't watch everything, so I deleted many things I can live without seeing. One show I kept to watch is THE STRAIN. I'm not quite sure why I never wat[...]


New York Comic Con

What am I excited about? 1. Stephen Amell- autographing 2. Amber Benson- autographing 3. Reinventing Horror For seven years at NYCC, Mark L. Miller (Ain't It Cool News, Pirouette) has gathered a ghoulish ensemble of creative minds to discuss and dissect how they create nightmares and what (if anything) scares them. This year, Mark gathers a talented Panel of Filmmakers, Writers and Artists to discuss how to reinvent and revitalize the horror genre; pushing new limits, twisting new concepts and crafting new terrors to keep you up at night! 4. DC Comics – Batman:[...]


Jekyll and Hyde Chamber of Horrors

What could be scarier than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Their underground lab and chamber or horrors of course! Check out this little taste:   Last year I actually took my kids to New York and into this scary attraction. My daughter refused to go past the door, but my son and I were able to go in. Me? I clung to the back of my son's shirt through the entire thing. And we went during the day. At night, it's MUCH more frightening. So, if you live on the East Coast and a lover of the big scare...take the time to check out this attraction.  [...]