Ghost’s “Rats” Is a Love Letter to 60s, 70s and 80s Horror Flicks

https://youtu.be/C_ijc7A5oAc Isn't it magnificent? Man, I love Ghost. Earlier this month, the band released the first video for their upcoming Prequelle album, which will be arriving on June 1st. If you don't follow Ghost, you are missing out on the wonderful theatrics and lore Ghost builds around everything they do. I'll do another post about Cardinal Copia and his backstory alter, but for now, let's just bask in the awesomeness that is "Rats." Not only does this song have a distinct early 80s Ozzy Osboure feel, but it also feels like it could be off the sound[...]


DIEmonds in the Rough: Phantasm (1979)

Welcome to another installment of DIEmonds in the Rough, where we take a look at horror movies, games and stories that are less than perfect, but contain some real nuggets of awesomeness. Today's subject could easily be the poster child for this column. A beautiful, sometimes terrifying mess of a movie that birthed a horror icon. I'm talking about the 1979 cult classic, Don Coscarelli's Phantasm. https://youtu.be/NDyieW6ZFT8 I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the passing of Angus Scrimm, whose on screen persona the Tall Man has been one of horror's most iconi[...]


Rest in Peace, Angus Scrimm

Man, it's been a rough few weeks for both music and movie fans. We've lost Lemmy and David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Richard Libertini. And now we've lost the Tall Man. Angus Scrimm (Lawrence Rory Guy), best known for his portrayal of the iconic villain from the Phantasm series, passed away this week at 89 years old. Before Scrimm got into movies, he'd been a journalist, written for publications like TV Guide, and even won a Grammy for his work writing liner notes for Capital Records. But for horror fans, Angus Scrimm will forever be the man who commands the silv[...]