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Real Life Creepy Places: a Pagan Wheel of Fortune in a Moscow Park

Today's real life creepy place isn't so much creepy as mystical, but it holds a very special significance to me: I grew up in that neighborhood and went for daily walks in this park when I was a child. The park is one of the oldest in Moscow, in a neighborhood called Sokolniki ("Falconers"). Moscow is an old place with a rich history, and Sokolniki is no exception. The park got its name from none other than Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584), who was fond of hunting with falcons. A well-known Russian folk tale about a famous falconer is also said to be inspired by[...]


Real Life Creepy Places: Centralia, Pennsylvania

Hi all! After my absence last time (what can I say, life intervened) I'm back with another Real Life Creepy Place. And this one is an oldie but goodie. Welcome to Centralia. Also known as the inspiration behind the Silent Hill games. Centralia is one of the most well-known ghost towns in North America. Abandoned since the eighties, it's situated near a town called Ashland (Ashland? I mean... really?), along a part of Route 61 that's now blocked off. Centralia used to be an ordinary small Pennsylvania town of less that 3000 inhabitants, a mining town that mainl[...]