Writing Bloody: Research

  For this week's installment of Writing Bloody, I'd like to talk about research. Going on a fact finding mission is imperative to writing a believable story. Some things you can fake, we all know that. But what you can't fake are facts. For example, making up your own name for a specific emergency room tool--like a scalpel-- will NOT work (neither will made up spelling). Can you make up scenery or make your own mad scientist formula? Sure. But still, there needs to be a balance between fact and fiction or your readers won't believe a thing your selling.[...]


Research for Horror Writers

Research. A necessary evil in the writing world, yes. Although all writers do research for the same reason--to better the story--there are a few different ways this can be done. For example, if I were to write a book about mythology, I would absolutely have to research so that my facts were correct. That I was writing a story with the correct information. Now, I don't write the type of stories where I need to do a lot of fact checking. But I do research. When I'm writing a horror story, I immerse myself in the world of fright. For my first novel (a NA psychologi[...]