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Slash-In-The-Box – A Deadly Children’s Toy Short Film

You know me--I love spooky shorts. I mentioned before that one of my favorites is The Smiling Man. I've posted the story here and the short creepy film inspired by it here. Today I found another horror short that horrified me in the most wonderful way. I will forever hear Pop Goes the Evil, instead of Pop Goes the Weasel, when that creepy kid's song plays. The scary short is called Slash-In-The-Box by Nick Everhart, and it's a disturbing new look at a very standard children's toy...enjoy! Slash-In-The-Box from NICK EVERHART[...]


Horror Origins: Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (aka Camp Crystal Lake)

December's theme for the midnight society is horror origins / creepers of horror. I'm a huge fan of knowing film locations and with this months theme, I wondered where one of my favorite slasher flicks, Friday the 13th might have been filmed.   Friday the 13th and the saga of Jason Vorhees is one of my all time favorites. In fact, I also really love the filming location. It has the beautiful lake, a very camp-y feel, and is surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife. I did a little digging and uncovered the fact that Camp Crystal Lake is a real place and[...]