scream queens


Scream Queens Is Back!

Scream Queens returned this week, and I couldn't be happier. I freaking love this show. And maybe the thing I love about it the most is just how much it embraces the humorous side of horror. See, I grew up on '80s b-horror movies, which means I like my horror with a big side of cheese. Evil Dead, Return of the living Dead, Night of the Creeps--there are plenty of examples of horror and humor going hand. Don't get me wrong--I love straight up terrifying horror as well--but I actually prefer to read those kinds of stories. When it comes to shows and movies, I wa[...]


Now let me hear you Screaaaaam!!

Hello kittens,   First, before I type another pretty little word, did you guys know that HARROWED is out?? It's written by our very own Jolene Haley and Brian LeTendre. You can click the title and it'll bring you right to the goodreads page! Where you go from there is up to you *cough*buyitnow*cough*. Now, as you may know, it is the most wonderful time of the year. The trees are turning golden hues, everything is pumpkin flavoured, and Halloween is just around the corner. It's also premiere season! All the best shows are back on TV with a mighty vengeance[...]