VENOM Is Back!

  There was a time that Venom was a horror character in the Spider-Man universe. And if the first issue of Mike Costa's new Venom series is any indication, the horror is back. For those unfamiliar, the story of Venom began in Marvel's 1984 Secret Wars event. Before there was Venom, there was an alien symbiote that was initially thought to be a new and improved costume for Spidey. But in fact, it was an alien lifeform, and as it bonded with Peter Parker, it began to corrupt him. When Peter finally broke free of it, the creature bonded with a host that h[...]


Creepy Comics: Carnage

I am a big comics fan--I've been hosting a comic podcast called Secret Identity for ten years now with a buddy of mine. Being a lifelong horror fan as well, I'm always on the lookout for a decent horror comic, and it's rare that I am genuinely surprised by one. Which is what makes marvel's new Carnage series such a pleasant surprise. I love Spider-Man, and have read many a spider-related title over the years. For those that don't know, Carnage is the fusion of an alien symbiote and a serial killer named Cletus Kasady. He's one of Spider-Man's most dangerous and[...]


Happy 50th, Ted Raimi!!

Ted Raimi--one of my favorite actors of all time--turned 50 this week, and I took a stroll down memory lane to revisit some of my favorite roles of his. While his older brother Sam often gets the spotlight for directing movies like Evil Dead and Spider-Man, at least some of his success should be attributed to the awesomeness that Ted Raimi brings to his brother's projects. Take Evil Dead 2, for example. Ted played the wonderfully disgusting Henrietta, wearing a cumbersome latex suit. Henrietta has some of the best scenes in the entire movie, including the fight[...]