The Circus is Coming: American Horror Story Freakshow

You may have noticed that in these parts, we're big fans of American Horror Story. I've been smitten with the show since the first time Tate Langdon stalked through the halls of his high school in Murder House with a full face tattoo. I fell in love when he dragged Violet into the bathtub to stop her from overdosing. With season four gearing up for a big release, the Freakshow is coming to town. Rather than rehash everything that's been said about casting, I thought it might be interesting to look at some possible avenues that might be explored this season.[...]


The Witches of Salem

I'm packing my bags today. Not, as you might imagine, because I've been accused of doing something insidious and I need to get out of dodge, but because I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow and heading to Boston for a week for work. Given my proximity to several creepy things, including Salem, I figured it might be prime opportunity to open up the floor for discussion on the latest television show to jump on the horror bandwagon. We've seen the haunted house and asylum aliens a la American Horror Story, we've got the zombies in The Walking Dead, we're even taking a c[...]