The Subtle Storytelling of Bloodborne

I love it when everything I think I know about writing horror gets turned on it's head. One, it helps me to grow as a writer. Secondly, it means I got bloody well scared during the process. Bloodborne, the newest game for the Playstation 4 from From Software, did both these things. Yet, on paper it shouldn't have. First it's gothic horror, which hasn't been scary in years (but it's the last refuge of solid atmosphere) and it's cosmic horror, which is probably the hardest subgenre to pull off. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but that doesn't change the fact[...]


Silent Hill 3: Every Bit as Good as 2

The first 4 Silent Hill games are an astounding mix of terror, great characters, heartbreaking feels, searing honesty, and beautifully grotesque atmosphere. One through Three three are utter masterpieces that transcend their medium and should be recognized as art (the originals, not the terrible HD rerelease), while SH 4: The Room is just really, really good. If you only know Silent Hill through the movies, be warned. They resemble the games in the same way I resemble my cat that died a few years ago. If you ask the average SH fan which one is the best[...]