twin peaks


Stare at TWIN PEAKS Long Enough, And You’ll See It

God, I love Twin Peaks. And I love David Lynch. I recently posted on my own blog about what an inspiration Lynch is for me, particularly in how he stays true to his ideas. But for this post I want to focus on something else, because I know that Lynch's work is not for everyone. Some people find the pacing of Twin Peaks agonizing, it's humor cartoonish and it's soap opera presentation off-putting. As a kid who grew up watching General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, I adore it. But even if you don't care for Lynch's style, I still think there is a lot for you to[...]


Twin Peaks Is a Must-Watch for Horror Fans

I love David Lynch. He infuses everything he creates with a weirdness that is almost cosmic. There is a disturbing undertone to all of his works that is punctuated by moments of outright terror. Each of his films and shows are filled with moments that once you've seen them stay embedded in your mind forever. He has a way of placing the viewer inside of someone else's dream (or nightmare), and making us reflect on the darker parts of ourselves. I came to David Lynch by way of Eraserhead (1977), Blue Velvet (1986) and Wild at Heart (1990), the latter of which[...]