Fear Street is back with Party Games!

I loved reading R.L. Stine as a child. My parents raised me watching scary movies and reading horror novels.

When I was five, I had two favorite movies.

One was The Little Mermaid.

The other one was Halloween. Yep, like Michael Myers.


Needless to say, I’ve read pretty much every single Goosebumps and Fear Street novel out there. To me, it’s like a rite of passage for children who love scary things. So imagine my excitement when I heard the news…



That’s right. R.L. Stine has a new Fear Street novel coming out called Party Games. It’s a young adult horror novel that will be published from St. Martin’s Griffin in September 2014.

Party Games


What R.L. Stine said about his upcoming release:

It’s about girl named Rachel, who Brendan Fear invites along with a bunch of other people to the Fear’s summer house on Fear Island, in the middle of a lake. They’re 17, in high school. It’s Halloween time, and they’re reopening the summerhouse just for this party. Brendan invents games, he loves games, and one by one the guests start getting murdered—every murder is attached to a game. One girl is found all folded up and there’s a note that says, ‘Twister, anyone?’ They’re trapped on an island, and there’s a killer there who wants to kill everyone.

Divider-1If you guys don’t remember the previous series, there were releases such as The Dare, Secret Admirer, and Halloween Party. You can check out more of the listings here.

Will you guys be checking it out? I know I will. In fact, I’ve already tried to email and get my grubby little hands on a copy. This is going on my must-read-or-I-will-die list.

What do you guys think of this upcoming release? Do you have a favorite R.L. Stine series? Let me know in the comments below.

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