I was flipping through my TV channels the other night and came upon a remake of Psycho. It got me thinking…there have been many remakes of famous horror movies. All of which are really well done; however, I still like the original movies better.

Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates? He plays a total creeper, but I still think the original version is scarier.

A remake of Carrie? A Stephen King classic? I know many people have truly enjoyed this version, but I can’t see Carrie as anyone other than Sissy Spacek!

My teen loves horror flicks, so I’ve chaperoned many a movie experience. One of my favorite has been the remake of Evil Dead.

I haven’t seen The Crazies yet, but the trailer looks like an episode of Supernatural–which is a great thing! I’m going to rent this one very soon!

Another creepy and violent movie, with it’s original coming out of Sweden. I think I may want to see both versions.