The Witches of MisSpelled

misspelled groupA last minute announcement for the approval of the Midnight Society: today is the last day for the MisSpelled web series Kickstarter! Drop everything and go support it, tweet it, make it a reality. Because this is a series that fans of The Society are guaranteed to love.

MisSpelled follows the story of five New Adult girls as they discover they are witches and bumblingly attempt to figure out what to do next with their powers. The characters are all quirky and interesting, and after watching the promologue I wrote the series off as a cute comedic urban fantasy– interesting, but not the sort of terrifying fare that keeps our readers up at night.

However, upon watching the first four episodes that are currently online, I have changed my stance. MisSpelled is the smarter, older, wiser descendent of the same campy terror that brought us both R. L. Stine and Are You Afraid of the Dark. It’s a show that cleverly walks the line between creepy and hilarious, and writer Lindsey McDowell is fearless in taking the storyline in some wacky and exciting directions.

MisSpelled excels on the strength of its characters.  Their individual personalities and the conflict in their interactions are all tightly crafted and well worth watching. The witches of MisSpelled are chosen and many are not even comfortable with their own powers, let alone with the powers or personalities of the others in the group. Greater threats might be lurking just around the corner for these girls, but it is clear that they will only be able to handle them if they can temporarily avoid killing each other.

Additionally, the casting is notable for its racial diversity and multiple plus-size actresses. With a diversity of fully developed representations of strong women, these are characters that anyone can relate to, a trait often lacking in acting opportunities for minorities.

The current promologue and four episodes are all that have been filmed of MisSpelled storyline so far, and it is unlikely that the show will continue if the Kickstarter does not succeed. Regardless of whether more episodes are in the future, members of the Midnight Society should make a point of checking out what is currently available, and keeping an eye on future projects from the MisSpelled cast and crew. Meanwhile, we eagerly hope that there is more MisSpelled in our future, and will be excited to keep readers posted on any new episodes that come out!


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