Hello Kittens,


I remember the first time I set foot into the land of Twitter. There was a hashtag going on, one I thought was absolutely brilliant.


People from all over the world were tweeting their stories, a good chunk of them plays on perhaps the most well known six-word-story of all time:


Like…come on. Hemingway is so good he can slaughter your soul in six effing words. He is such a legend.

The idea of a six word got me thinking about how important words are, and how we sometimes use way more than we should. I know that my own first drafts are wordy, blabbering, twisted piles of junk. Trimming them down is something I struggle with (and sometimes make them too bare bones, which is another problem all together). In an effort to practice the art of slim-soul-slaughtering, I started reading more six word stories. I’ll put some of my favourites below (These are all from reddit):

“Hungrily eating her child, she wept.” – crabbyshellfish

“Every second, time is killing you.” –  a340z4me

“I just saw my reflection blink.” – iFight4Pi

“Fresh Meat For Sale: Uninfected Child.” – goodonedude


That last one really got me. As a writing exercise, I came up with a few of my own.


“No one makes it out alive.

“He is dead but not gone.”

“The infection has spread, she said.”

“There is no one else left.”

“The conspirators were right all along.”

“My reflection won’t stop smiling.”

“No one can hear me screaming.”


Okay, so mine aren’t quite as good as reddit’s, but I tried. Now you probably saw this coming, but I want to hear your Six Word Horror Stories in the comments below. I’ll tweet some of my faves. Now I’m off to see Krampus!