Okay, so yes, usually this time I do a post on the monsters of Dr. Who. But it is February and The Midnight Society is celebrating love. *sigh*

If you know me, you know that I would rather see a dragon rip someone’s head off or demons destroy a small town than kissing.

However, on my favorite sci-fi that crosses into horror show, there is a couple that I love. A pair whose love survived all the horror they encountered.

Amy and Rory.


This charismatic duo faced so many evils on their journey through space and time. Daleks. The Silence. Terrifying living dolls. They watched as their daughter tried to kill The Doctor. And the Weeping Angels. Trapped in dreams, facing loss…they did it together, their feelings never wavering, their humor always pushing through.


All the horror put a lot of stress on their marriage, but love won.


And in the end, a Weeping Angel touched Rory, sending him back in time. Because she couldn’t live without him, Amy let the Angels get her too. And they lived the rest of their lives happily ever after in the past.


I miss them. I didn’t mind their kissing so much.


Images from the BBC show Dr. Who, found on Google Images.