Edgar Allan Poe- The Master of Gothic Horror

Hey everyone!

I’ve been gone for quite awhile, and I have missed you all! My life has taken a few twists and turns, so I needed to take some time away. Buuutttt, now I’m back! And what a time to blog…gothic horror month!

It’s not a secret that I am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe. I mean, I do have a raven tattoo on my wrist! Every year, I’m lucky enough to have Poe as part of my curriculum. Teaching 8th graders about this fascinating and disturbed man; along with sharing his famous writings, is what I look forward to each year. And while I love all of his stories and poems, The Masque of the Red Death is my favorite. The best part? This story always freaks my teens out–drawing the biggest response from them.


I mean, come on. Prospero invites a bunch of aristocrates to stay locked in his castle with him in hopes that they won’t contract the “Red Death”. During this time, the rich and powerful eat and drink while the townspeople are overcome by the plague. On the last night of the story, Prospero has the castle seperated into 7 distinct areas for a masquerade party; creating a colorful gothic wonderland. Unfortunately for his guests, death walks among them.


And what would gothic horror be without a movie starring Vincent Price? While I’ve never seen this film, how can you go wrong? If you aren’t already a fan of Poe, take a few minutes and check out Masque of the Red Death.

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  • seebrianwrite
    June 14, 2016

    You HAVE to see the movie. I love it.

  • ericathedavisgirl
    June 14, 2016

    Welcome back Miss! Aaaand adding this to my watch/re-read list. GREAT RETURN POST!

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