Faith’s Favorite Frights #2

These Bat’s the Spirit! balloons warm my cold heart. I love them. So cute. And they’re 60% off right now. And, oh, what’s that I hear? Look it… Look it!

I can’t stop myself. This kid is my mascot.

Litographs has SO MUCH cool stuff. Frankenstein is one of my great loves, so I of course dig this tragic Frankenstein Temporary Tattoo.

HAUNTED MANSION CIRCLE SKIRT. In purple. Unique Vintage has this in plus and, uh, minus? size. (Don’t blame me, blame fashion for separating us.) I think you can expect top notch people to stop and tell you what good taste you have wherever you go in this one. HAUNTED MANSION SKIRT. Yes.

The dead communicate with Mary. She’d rather they didn’t, but ghosts don’t tend to do what they’re told.

YA Horror with ghosts, and it’s FREE right now. Dark Spirit (Mary Hades #1) by Sarah Dalton. I recommend checking out the prequel novella, My Daylight Monsters.


YES.  Stranger Things enamel squad pin.

I couldn’t pick just one enamel Stranger Things pin. THIS IS SO FUN. I just… yes.



  • Jolene Haley
    January 6, 2017

    These are so my favorite things. You are the best at finding!

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