Ray Fawkes’ UNDERWINTER Will Haunt You

I had no idea what to expect when I sat down with the first issue of Underwinter this week, but I’m still thinking about the book days after I read it. It’s a hauntingly beautiful horror story that reminds me a lot of Hellraiser with a splash of Eyes Wide Shut thrown in.

Underwinter follows the story of a group of four very talented musicians–a string quartet that has seen better days. They get offered a very high-paying gig at a posh estate–if they can follow the rules of the performance.

The book opens with one of the characters recounting a nightmare they had, and the scene reminded me so much of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. And like Barker, Fawkes’ artwork feels completely unique and perfectly captures the mood he is going for. The watercolors not only convey the state of the characters when we meet them, but they help blur the line between dream and reality.

The book ends on a terrifying note, and promises that what we’ve seen is only the beginning. But as beginnings go, this one is fantastic. You should absolutely check out Underwinter #1.

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