New to The Midnight Society – Dark Calls For Fiction

Start your 2019 off by submitting something to one of the calls in our Dark Fiction calendar!

Are you an author working on a terrifying tome?

Are you looking for somewhere to send your skin-crawlingly-frightening fiction?

Check out our new Dark Calls for Submission Calendar!

We have started compiling the coolest dark fiction markets this side of the casket and you can find them in our Writer Resources section.

I don’t know about you guys but I always have so many stories on the go that sometimes, it’s hard to not only keep track of deadlines but to find markets specifically looking for horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy and noir stories.

Well, look no further! We want to be another resource for our fellow authors looking for places to send their pieces.
If you hear of a cool call for submissions that you think we should add to our calendar, or if you run a magazine, are compiling an anthology or just want to introduce us to a new market, drop us a line via our contact form.

Be sure to share any upcoming deadlines so we can get the word out.

Now, sharpen your pencils and head over to the calendar to find the next place to send your spooky fiction!

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