Midnight Society Movie Night: Brightburn

Welcome to November! For all those who will be Nano-ing, you might need a break by the end of the month. For everyone else, you also need a night of horror fun. So join me in my live-tweet of Brightburn for…



Poster for 2019 horror movie Brightburn

This movie directed by David Yarovesky and written by Brian and Mark Gunn hit theaters earlier this year and gives us a different take on the superhero genre…an anti-superhero, if you will.

I watched many Brightburn trailers as I haunted the theater last winter and spring. At first, I was intrigued, but wasn’t sure I needed to see it. As the commercials continued to darken the TV and the trailers flickered on the screen, my interest grew. The atmosphere, the overall feel, looks promising, dark and foreboding. The premise, a person with powers, one bullied by peers, driving them to want to hurt rather than help, offers a fun twist on all those superhero movies that have been flooding the theaters.

And not just the boy’s story…but the mom’s story is just as fascinating, one of a need to have a child, a desire so strong that you protect them, overlook what they’ve done, hold on tight, love them so much that you endure the terror and evil. My mind spins with need to see the mom’s tale unfold.

But I missed it in theaters.


When the DVD appeared on store shelves, I bought it to watch from the comfort of my couch. I haven’t seen it yet and thought I’d share my first viewing with my horror friends.

Find me on Twitter Friday, November 22nd at 9 PM EST on #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #Brightburn. You are welcome to read my tweets, enjoying the movie through my perspective, but you can watch it with me and tweet along. Watching horror movies with friends is the best.

See you then!

Cheers and nightmares,


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