Demon Week


Demon Week: Come on in…

Hello, Kittens!   I hope you're all well. October makes me one happy little creature, so I'm bloody fantastic. I have some exciting news to share, even though you probably know it already if you follow me on twitter. *Ahem - @raddestgirlever* I signed with a literary agent last week..ish! I'm now represented by Gina Panettieri, President of Talcott Notch! Gina is a total rocks star and I'm so excited to be working with her. I signed for my middle grade horror (obvs) and am excited for what comes next :) Anyhoo! Enough about me. As you may have realized, it[...]


Demon Week: Famous Possessions + Demon Art

My parents let me watch way too many horror movies. I can remember watching Halloween when I was maybe, five years old. I watched the Exorcist when I was around seven. After, I remember sitting in my bunk bed, terrified to go to sleep. Because if I did, what would stop a demon from possessing me? I've always loved scary movies. But I've also been fascinated by the stories these scary demonic possession stories are based off of. Are they real? Or just real-ly fake? To this day, I find this topic so interesting, terrifying, and strange. To kick off Demon Week,[...]