New Year, New You

She ate the water hemlock because she knew it was poisonous. The white blossoms were tasteless, but the leaves tasted green, like a stalk of celery. The first cramp was brutal, and that was it. She died there on the trail, just where it got muddy as it skirted around the marsh. Her spirit drifted right up from the spot where she fell. Her body had landed in an awkward position, partway into the tall grass. So much for a graceful departure. Her body looked wretched. She didn’t remember any of the thrashing and pain that showed on her gaping mouth and twisted l[...]


Thirteen Nights of #Frightmas: DRIFT (A Short Story)

Drift by Brian LeTendre Snow will continue to be heavy through the overnight hours, and we are expecting up to an additional seven to eight inches on top of the foot most of the Pioneer Valley has received from storm Howard so far. Wind gusts will mean snow drifts of several feet in certain areas, and visibility will continue to be poor for the next several hours. We're now going live to Andrew Sanders in downtown-- Amber clicked back over to the crime procedural she'd been watching and pulled the quilt tighter around herself as she lay cocooned on the couch. "I c[...]