Death and Taxes

Hello, Kittens! I'm writing this as s a brand new 29 year old! Thanks to my fellow Midnight Society members for the blog post - you guys are the best. I have a little story -a ramble, if you will - about my birthday. Yesterday I woke up and went for birthday breakfast. I was feeling pretty good. I'm pregnant, so my skin is all glowy and my hair is awesome. I didn't have my usual mini-meltdown about growing older (those started when I turned 25). When I got home I put my son down for a nap and made myself a cup of tea. I sat there, reflecting on the past y[...]


My Phobia

Here at The Midnight Society we talk a lot about fear. Some of us are afraid of clown, while others fear moving doll parts. What we haven't talked about are phobias. First of all, what exactly is the difference? A fear is the response to a real and true threat. Fear is something you can overcome. Phobias are more intense, anxiety causing, and sometimes a extreme irrational fear of something that poses very little actual threat. These little buggers aren't so easy to get over. I have a phobia and it's called Lilapsophobia--fear of tornadoes/storms. While my hus[...]