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Slasher Week: Females are Strong as Hell

Hello Kittens,   Happy Slasher Week!! Like my fellow bloggers, I'm a giant fan of slasher horror. I grew up hiding underneath my blankets, thinking the soft cotton would guard me from Freddy's claws. I know that if you're afraid of something in your house, you run outside...not upstairs. While I was terrified of these killers, I respected them. As I grew up, I developed a fondness for a certain type of crazed killer. Females. Nothing gave me the chills quite like a kind, motherly type cutting someone's throat. So, in honor of Slasher Week, I give you my[...]


Reboot of IT Circles the Drain

I took a deep breathe when I saw this Tweet yesterday: Stephen King @StephenKing · May 25 The remake of IT may be dead--or undead--but we'll always have Tim Curry. He's still floating down in the sewers of Derry. 2,473 retweets 4,280 favorites Reply Retweet2.5K Favorite4.3K Oh my! You all know that It is my favorite Stephen King book, and that Pennywise had me scared to death of clowns (which I saw after I performed as a clown in my high school's production of Barnum). I was ridiculously interested in how a new version would look, even though I don't think[...]


Reality Inspires Fiction

Hi again! Today I want to share when horror dreams come true. And no, not those dreams. If the dolls from my nightmare had dragged me down the stairs, I would still be screaming. I'm talking about when your favorite creepy fiction has a basis in reality, for when those two world collide... fabulousness happens. One of my all time favorite scary books is Stephen King's THE SHINING. The creep factor in this one blows me away. I've read it a few times and will never think that a hedge animal is something cute. I also knew that he wrote this book after ha[...]


The Mist

The Mist (2007) The problems all begin with a huge lightening storm. One that I'm sure my hubby would sit outside and watch, but Dave Drayton does the right thing and takes his family to the basement. When morning comes, he finds a lot of damage caused by fallen trees. When Dave and his wife check out the damage of their boat shed, there's a mist coming from the mountain top. In need of supplies, Dave (Thomas Jane) and his son, Billy (Nathan Gamble) travel with their neighbor, Brent to town. It's here that the mist takes over and they find themselves in dang[...]


Some Beautiful Brevity

I love short stories. Writing them and reading them. During the busy holiday months, short stories are perfect. I love bite sized pieces of beautifully creepy prose or soul jarring scares that fit into those small stolen moments of reading. A few of my favorites, should you be looking for short pieces of horror heaven during the holidays: Beautiful Sorrows by Mercedes M. Yardley Really. If you haven't read her, do it now. The Moon Will Look Strange by Lynda E. Rucker In the Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill Gothic! Ten Original Tales edited by Deborah[...]


They’re baaaack…

It all began with a book. It. One read and I was hooked. Stephen King taught me what it was like to be a reader. After being forced to read classic stories in both middle and high school, I wasn't someone who picked up a book to read for fun. In fact, I bought Cliff Notes just to get a passing grade on anything related to the books my teachers thought I should be reading as a teen. I can't remember who it was that put It in my hand, but I know what happened after that. I was a reader. Once that light went on, I kept reading. And I read every book Stephen King wro[...]