Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I'm sure you read the title of my post and questioned why I sound so excited...we're usually a little more bloody around here. I'll get to that in a second, but first let me explain. This year is different. Kind of. This year is all about starting over and making new memories. Today, my boyfriend and I are celebrating anti-Valentine's Day style. Every day, at least in my humble opinion, should be Valentine's Day. Celebrating your relationship with love and kindness should not just be a focus one day of the year. Spending time together is the whole point of the d[...]



February is almost here. Which means Valentine's Day is almost here. The Midnight Society celebrates this holiday in a very special way. But before we get into that, how about we talk about the one symbol that is the antithesis of the day? The heart. In horror, the heart is often mangled and bloody--ripped out of some poor soul's chest. But it can also be a symbol of love and darkness, evil and romance. Whatever it's meaning to you, there are amazing images that you can find online to bring on the writing muse. Need a little inspiration today? Check out our he[...]