Meet Brian LeTendre

Brian LeTendre Author PhotoBrian LeTendre writes hororr stories of all shapes and sizes.

He is the author of the Parted Veil Series, co-author of the Woodsview Murders series, and a frequent writer of short stories, which he has begun to collect in the Intrusive Thoughts series.

In addition to horror, Brian’s other love is music. When he’s not writing, he’s often podcasting about heavy metal on both the Thrash It Out and Power Chords podcasts. The second edition of his podcasting how-to book Making Ear Candy was released in 2017, which features insights learned form more than 12 years of podcasting, including a 11-year run on the comics podcast Secret Identity.

Brian is an avid gamer and spent a couple years as a game journalist. He continues to write and make videos about games for his site Co-Op Critics.

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1.  I grew up in the ’80s and firmly believe that the horror movies and heavy metal music of that decade will never be surpassed. If you mention an ’80s movie or album to me, be prepared for a two-hour conversation.

2.  I write YA and NA horror that is inspired by Lovecraft, b-horror movies and ’80s music.

3.  H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker are my favorite writers, as they combine horror with dark fantasy in a way that few others can come close to. My favorite Lovecraft story is “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath,” and my favorite Barker story is “Hell’s Event.”

4. John Carpenter is my favorite director, and I adore everything he’s ever done. His films have had a tremendous influence on my writing. My favorite of his works is probably the apocalypse trilogy (The Thing, Prince of Darkness, In the Mouth of Madness), but ask me tomorrow and I may have a different answer.

5. I grew up on Dungeons & Dragons, which has shaped the way I write. World-building is my favorite part of the writing process, and I tend to write series because I think of stories as a series of adventures in a larger campaign.

6. I’m a huge metalhead. In addition to doing two podcasts about metal, I spend most of my waking hours listening to metal and attend live shows as often as possible. (That’s me with former Megadeth and current Act of Defiance guitarist Chris Broderick).

7.  I became friends with Jolene Haley (the fearless leader of the Midnight Society) after interviewing her for a writing podcast I did years ago. We hit it off so well that we began writing together, and the result was 2015’s Harrowed, the first book in the Woodsview Murders series. The second book Haunted will be out before Halloween in 2018.

8. Jolene and I based a character in Harrowed on a character from Night of the Creeps played by the great Tom Atkins. In 2017, I got to give him a proof copy of our book, which he read and enjoyed. It was a bucket list moment for me, as Tom is one of my all-time favorite actors, who has been in some of my favorite films (Night of the Creeps, The Fog, Halloween III, Escape from New York).

9. I cry over everything from sappy soup commercials to heartwarming family fare. Paddington 2 might be my favorite movie of all time. For real.

10. Despite being writing partners for years, Jolene and I did not actually meet in person until I traveled to California for work in 2017. Now every time I go out there, we get together to hang out, eat pizza and come up with more story ideas than we will ever have time to write.




Journalism Rule #1: Always report the story. Never become the story.

Avery Blair has accepted the fact that nothing exciting ever happens in her small town of Woodsview, Massachusetts. As the editor of the high school blog, she prays for something—anything—to come along that would make for a great headline.

When Beatrice Thompson’s body is found in the girls’ bathroom, Avery has her biggest story ever. The rumors circulating the school say that Beatrice took her own life, but Avery doesn’t believe it for a second. Her instincts prove true when the next day brings another body bag. The tiny community of Woodsview has become the hunting ground for a killer known as the Harvester. The killer targets Avery and her classmates, stalking their every move and terrorizing them with morbid messages.

With the help of her boyfriend Jason, her best friend Quinn, and an aging detective who can’t keep her off the case, Avery dives head-first into her own investigation. She discovers that the secret of the Woodsview Harvester is buried in the town’s history and its annual Harvest Festival celebration. With every clue she uncovers, Avery grows closer to unmasking the killer—and becoming the next victim.

Avery Blair has finally found a story to die for…if she can stay alive long enough to write it.

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When Melotte Pharmaceutical moved into the struggling city of Springfield,

residents saw it as a godsend.

But while the city’s fortunes appear to be turning around, something sinister is brewing within its homeless population.

Four newfound friends stumble onto a horrific plan for the city, and their lives will never be the same again. Because on Halloween night, a new horror will be coming to Springfield, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

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A horrific childhood incident cast a shadow over Fela Barton’s life for fourteen years.

Now a 20-year-old college student, Fela survived her first semester of living on campus and is finally ready put the past behind her.

Until the nightmares start again.

Fela’s dreams hold the key to the madness that has plagued her family for generations. But as she searches for answers, a terrible evil gets closer to finding her.

Only one person can help Fela now–and he’s been dead for over 70 years.

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Some nightmares you can’t wake up from.

Fela Barton is a Dreamer. As the great granddaughter of H.P. Lovecraft, Fela has the ability to travel between our waking world and the Dreamlands, a place of both wonders and horrors. But the more Fela learns about the family legacy, the more everyone around her becomes a target.

With evil pursuing her across two worlds, is anywhere truly safe?

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Evil doesn’t die—it adapts.

Three years ago, Samantha Cane and Frank Carter’s lives were destroyed as their city became the staging ground for a cult dedicated to the King in Yellow. When the cult enacted a plan to throw the city into chaos, Frank and Sam stopped them with the help of a group called the Parted Veil. But the victory came at a high cost, and it was short-lived. The followers of the King in Yellow are persistent, and their operation in Springfield was just one of many.

Now members of the Parted Veil themselves, Sam and Frank continue to follow the cult’s activities and thwart them whenever they can. A rash of disappearances has led them to a small town in Tennessee, where an old mining operation may be the cult’s latest workshop of horrors. Each step they take toward discovering the scope of the cult’s plan costs them another piece of themselves. And some questions are better left unanswered.

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They appear in your mind without warning.

Panic-inducing visions of familiar people, places and events twisted into something sinister and frightening.

A child’s imaginary friend;
A carnival photo booth;
A snowy winter’s night;
A lovers’ getaway;
A walk in the woods;
A couple’s dream house;

Once these corrupted versions of reality embed themselves into your brain, they will haunt you every time you close your eyes.

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